Zener Diode- Working, Construction, V I characteristic,Symbol and Application

Zener Diode is a special type of diode that can conduct in forward as well as in reverse bias mode. This special diode is named after American physicist Dr. Clarence Melvin Zener. We will discuss working principles that underscore its distinctive behavior— specifically, construction, Zener effect, and avalanche breakdown. The Symbol of a Zener Diode […]

Armoured Cables- Construction, Types, and Application

Armoured cables represent a significant advancement in the field of electrical engineering, designed to offer enhanced safety and protection in demanding industries and environments. Comprising various elements such as conductors, insulation, bedding, armour, and sheath, these power transmission linchpins are constructed with careful attention to detail to ensure optimal resilience and reliability. Understanding the anatomy […]

Differences between AA and AAA Battery-use, size, capacity, mAh

In this article, we will explore the basics difference between AA and AAA battery, including their size, capacity,common uses and voltage. AA and AAA batteries are two common types of household batteries. The main differences between them are their size and capacity. AAA battery is also called a Pencil cell. AA battery is bigger than […]

Two Wattmeter Method of Power Measurement

All electrical devices run on electrical power, the consumed energy is measured in terms of watts. the device used to measure consumed power is called a watt meter. to measure three-phase power mainly two methods are used namely two wattmeter method and three wattmeter method. In this article, we will discuss two wattmeter method of […]

Wheatstone Bridge – Circuit Diagram, Working principle

This bridge was first introduced by Wheatstone for measuring the value of unknown resistance. Wheatstone bridge circuit consists of four resistors, two with known resistances P & Q and one known variable resistance R, and one unknown resistor X whose value is to be calculated. All four resistors are connected in a manner to form a […]

Types of Errors In Measurement Definition

Definition: The difference between the true value and the measured value of the quantity is known as an error in measurement. The error in measurement can not be eliminated completely but it can be minimized. there are various types of errors in measurement. Calibration Errors Types of Errors in Measurement Base on the nature of […]

Basic Electrical Components used In Electronic Circuit

There are many electrical components are used in the electronic and electrical circuit like a resistor, inductor, diode, transformer, capacitor, and many more. without these electrical components, the circuit is incomplete. each part has a different function in the circuit. so they are the most important components of the circuit. all these basic electrical components […]