Induction motor

Speed Control of Induction Motor-Methods

A three-phase AC induction motor is a constant-speed motor as a DC shunt motor. But the speed of the DC shunt motor can be changed smoothly simply using rheostats. This maintains the speed regulation and efficiency of the DC shunt motor. But in the case of 3-phase induction motors very difficult to control speed smoothly. […]

How to read the Induction Motor Nameplate data

Reading Induction Motor Nameplate sometimes very difficult and challenging because the nameplates Often get dirty, painted, and rusted as they get old. So reading motor information becomes frustrating. You will need motor information for installation of VFD, starter design, power factor correction, connecting to load In this article, we will discuss each parameter mentioned on […]

Induction Motor Braking-Plugging, dynamic, regenerative

Induction motor is mostly used motor in the industry as well as in domestic application because it’s a simple design, reliable operation, rugged construction, and simple control gear for starting, speed control, and three phase induction motor braking like plugging, dynamic and regenerative braking. The most simple method to stop the motor is to disconnect the […]

Why single-phase induction motor is not self-starting-reason,make self starting?

Why single-phase induction motor is not self-starting? Single-phase induction motor Starting winding to make self starting A single phase induction motor is very similar to a three phase squirrel cage induction motor except for single-phase motor, not self-starting. It has (i)  a squirrel-cage rotor as to a 3-phase motor and (ii) a single-phase winding on the stator Unlike a 3-phase induction […]

How to measure insulation resistance of motor winding.

Winding insulation resistance checking of three-phase /  1 phase Motor The motor is mostly used machine to drive loads in the industry, for pumping, elevators, conveyor belts. so its reliability must be maintained, for long life of motor its periodic inspection must be carried out without fail. one of the most important point of periodic checking […]