What is Vector Group of Transformer- Explanation

The vector group of transformer shows the phase difference between the primary and secondary sides of the transformer. There are different ways in which transformer high voltage and low voltage winding is connected. On the basis of HV and LV winding connections, the vector grouping of the transformer is classified. The three-phase transformers are divided […]

Back to Back test of Transformer (Sumpners Test) Procedure

The efficiency and regulation of the transformer can be calculated using open circuit and short circuit test on the transformer but to measure temperature rise during operation, it is necessary to conduct a full load test on the transformer. for low power small transformer, a full load test can be performed directly by loading. but […]

What is Current Transformer-Working, Construction, Type

The current transformer (CT) is a type of instrument transformer designed to measure high-value current in the power system. The primary has few numbers of the turn of heavy wire, and the secondary of the current transformer has many turns of fine wire. Current Transformers are mainly used to perform two tasks. Primarily to step down […]

EMF Equation of Transformer and Voltage Turn Ratio

Consider an AC voltage of magnitude “V” having frequency “f” is applied to the primary side of the transformer. ac flux Φm is set up in the transformer core, this flux links with the both primary and secondary winding of the transformer. the value of induced emf can be calculated using EMF equation of the transformer, also […]