What is Soft Starter,Working Principle,diagram,advantages

What is a soft starter, application, and working principle pdf Soft Starters are starting devices, used for the acceleration, deceleration, and protection of the three phase electrical induction motors through the controlling applied voltage to 3 phase motor.Induction motor is the most frequently used motor for industrial as well as domestic applications. Most industrial motors are […]

Auto transformer-Working Diagram, advantages, disadvantages

Auto transformer is a transformer in which part of the winding is common to both the primary winding circuit and a secondary winding. In normal two winding transformers, primary and secondary winding are electrically isolated but in the case of an autotransformer, the two winding are connected electrically as well as magnetically. Auto transformer are also called […]

HRC Fuse -Construction and Working, Types

A fuse is a small wire connected between two terminals that are mounted on an Insulating base and connected in series with a circuit. A fuse is the simplest and cheapest current interrupting device used to protect equipment from overload or short circuit faults in medium and low voltage applications. A high rupturing capacity fuse […]

Armoured Cables- Construction, Types, and Application

Armoured cables represent a significant advancement in the field of electrical engineering, designed to offer enhanced safety and protection in demanding industries and environments. Comprising various elements such as conductors, insulation, bedding, armour, and sheath, these power transmission linchpins are constructed with careful attention to detail to ensure optimal resilience and reliability. Understanding the anatomy […]

Types of transformer- Core Type, Shell Type

There are in general two types of transformer Shell type and core type transformer These two types differ from each other in the manner in which winding wound on the magnetic core. Core type Transformer In core type, the magnetic core is built of laminations to form a rectangular frame and the windings are arranged […]

Induction Motor- Construction, Working Principle and Application

In our technologically advanced world, the versatility and efficiency of induction motors have made them integral in varying industrial applications. From the functioning of a small home appliance to the powering of enormous machines, the induction motor lies at the heart of numerous operating systems. This humble electrical device, composed of essential elements like the […]