Induction motor

7 Types of insulation classes used in electrical motor

Types of insulation classes used in electrical motor/ transformer There are three main categories of insulating materials, gases, liquids, and solids. The types of insulating materials are classified mainly based on thermal capability. types of insulation classes for electric motors are A, B, and E, F, H ,Y and C. Insulation is the primary thing […]

Reluctance Motor-Working Principle, Construction

Single-phase salient pole synchronous motors are called reluctance motors. the stator of the reluctance motor has the main winding and the auxiliary winding the same as the single-phase induction motor. The motor starts as an induction motor. It is pulled into synchronism with the ac supply by reluctance torque developed at salient iron poles which […]

Induction Motor- Construction, Working Principle and Application

In our technologically advanced world, the versatility and efficiency of induction motors have made them integral in varying industrial applications. From the functioning of a small home appliance to the powering of enormous machines, the induction motor lies at the heart of numerous operating systems. This humble electrical device, composed of essential elements like the […]

Motor Duty Cycle-S1,S2,S3,S4

While selecting an induction motor, Motor Duty Cycle must be considered to meet the induction motor application requirement. The duty types are indicated on motor nameplate data by S1, S2… In the absence of an indication of the rated duty class, continuous running duty is assumed when considering a motor operation. What Are Motor Duty […]

Types of Single Phase Induction Motors- Applications

The types of single phase induction motors are often classified by the names of the starting method used. Like Capacitor start Induction run motor (CSIR), Capacitor start capacitor run induction motor(CSCR), Permanent-split capacitor motor. A standard single-phase stator has two windings placed at an angle of  90° to each other. One of these windings is known as the main […]