7 Types of insulation classes used in electrical motor

Types of insulation classes used in electrical motor/ transformer There are three main categories of insulating materials, gases, liquids, and solids. The types of insulating materials are classified mainly based on thermal capability. types of insulation classes for electric motors are A, B, and E, F, H ,Y and C. Insulation is the primary thing […]

Corona Power Loss-Calculation, Formula, Equation

When the potential difference between two conductors of a transmission line is raised beyond a certain limit, a point is reached when a violet glow appears around the conductor surface with a hissing noise and ozone gas smell this phenomenon is called Corona. Power loss due to the corona effect is called corona power loss […]

Zener Diode- Working, Construction, V I characteristic,Symbol and Application

Zener Diode is a special type of diode that can conduct in forward as well as in reverse bias mode. This special diode is named after American physicist Dr. Clarence Melvin Zener. We will discuss working principles that underscore its distinctive behavior— specifically, construction, Zener effect, and avalanche breakdown. The Symbol of a Zener Diode […]

Reluctance Motor-Working Principle, Construction

Single-phase salient pole synchronous motors are called reluctance motors. the stator of the reluctance motor has the main winding and the auxiliary winding the same as the single-phase induction motor. The motor starts as an induction motor. It is pulled into synchronism with the ac supply by reluctance torque developed at salient iron poles which […]

Star Delta Starter-Working principle, Theory, Circuit Diagram

There are many different starting methods used to start a three-phase induction motor like Star delta starter. To start a higher rating 3-phase motor star-delta starter is used. wye-delta starter is useful where all six terminals of the motor are accessible. In this article, we will discuss the star delta starter working principle with the help of a power and control diagram, Theory,  connection wiring […]